Influencer Program Management

E-commerce & Retail Influencer Marketing

We partner with you to create a customized program strategy, including Influencer types, commissions, cookie length, initial campaigns and more.

B2B Influencer Marketing

Our team of specialists work with you to map out a detailed, customized program strategy for driving traffic, conversions or leads.

Consumer Services

As Influencer Marketing is an extension of your brand, we work to ensure that all of your Influencer partners are brand-aligned and use consistent messaging to represent you well in the marketplace.

Influencer Marketplaces

We partner with you to create customized program strategies that will help you reach buyers and sellers in your marketplace more efficiently, across devices and platforms.

Travel Industry Influencer Marketing

We work with you to create a personalized strategy that will ensure your program features brand-aligned Influencers, customized commissions, sufficient cookie lengths, advanced reporting, performance-focused goals and much more.

Financial Services Influencer Marketing

We partner with an assortment of Influencer networks and SaaS (software as a service) platforms and have the know-how to leverage their complex technology solutions to monitor for errors, inconsistencies and inaccuracies in Influencers content and ensure your partners are in compliance.

Reach High-value Customers And More Efficient Leads

Gain More Customers, Greater Sales And Faster Growth

Results-Driven Influencer Marketing

For successful ecommerce companies, Influencer marketing has become an essential driver of their profitability and growth. To ensure their Influencer program is high-performing and successful, the world’s largest brands choose RetainLab.

From efficiently growing your customer base to quickly acquiring new mobile app shoppers, we help online retailers increase profits while also keeping costs down to ensure they don’t spend more than they need to.


Results-Driven Influencer Marketing

Leading B2B companies have discovered Influencer marketing to be one of the most scalable, cost-effective models for driving more traffic to their sites, generating high-value leads and enhancing their customer acquisition strategies.

Whatever your B2B marketing objectives, you want a partner who has the experience, capabilities and high-level of client service that will benefit your long-term growth.

Partner Insights

Are you over- or underpaying certain partners relative to the incremental value they provide? With contribution and crediting insights, you can uncover the true value of a partner’s contribution, whether it’s delivered at the beginning, middle, or end of the conversion path.

With purchase behavior and customer value reporting, you’ll see how much long-term value each partner drives, so you can properly incentivize them to raise the bar even higher.


Acquire New Customers At A Low Marketing Cost